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Woodcare Oil 300ml

Woodcare Oil 300ml


My Butchers Block Woodcare Oil 300ml is a food-grade oil that easily absorbs and penetrates deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect, revitalize and moisturize the wood fibres which aids in the prevention of drying and cracking.


Our Woodcare Oil 300ml can be used on any wooden household item, indoors or outdoors, from kitchen counters to wooden decks.


It is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and proudly made in South Africa.

Comes in a 300ml Bottle.

  • Tiny cracks cause bacteria to grow, the My Butchers Block woodcare will seep into the cracks keeping your board sanitary.
  • We do suggest oiling your My Butchers Block products as often as possible in the beginning.
  • Rub in the direction of the grain with a dry, clean cloth
  • How to use My Butchers Block Woodcare Oil 300ml?

    STEP 1 – CLEAN

    Wipe it down with soapy water and a cloth. Never submerge your My Butchers Block products in water. Wood is porous and it will soak up the water causing your cutting boards and wooden products to crack and warp!

    STEP 2 – OIL

    My Butchers Block Chopping Board must be dry. Once the board is dry apply the oil and spread it with a cloth or paper towel.


    The oil should be left to soak for as long as possible.


    Use a dry clean cloth or paper towel, polish off any oil so that the board does not feel damp or sticky.

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