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Wood Disinfectant Spray for all wooden products

Wood Disinfectant Spray for all wooden products


My Butchers Block Wood disinfectant spray can be used on all your wooden household products from chopping and serving boards to kitchen counters and even kids’ toys!


My Butchers Block disinfectant Spray contains 100% natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and proudly made in South Africa.


Removes bad smells and kills bacteria.


Comes in a 500ml Bottle.

  • How to use My Butchers Block Disinfectant Spray?

    STEP 1 – CLEAN

    Spray the My Butchers Block Board/product with My Butchers Block Disinfectant spray and wipe down with a damp cloth.

    STEP 2 – LET DRY

    My Butchers Block Chopping Board must be dry before oiling it. Be sure to include that in your timing. Caring for wooden products is an art, it takes time but so worth it!


    Leave the oil on your board overnight and give it a quick wipe in the morning to remove any excess oil.


    All our products are manufactured with superior quality and above all  workmanship in mind. Motivated by our passion for all things local, coupled with sustainability.


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