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The Hero Smoker & Grill - Classic Black Edition

The Hero Smoker & Grill - Classic Black Edition

The Firesmiths Hero Smoker & Grill Classic Black Edition gives you generous smoking as well as braai capacity thanks to it’s large grill surface, internal cooking chamber and our hanging food method. 


You will really be surprised on how much food you can fit into your Hero Smoker & Grill! Coupled with our unique design and 360 heat dynamics™ system you will find it incredibly easy to regulate the temperature of your cooking to your liking and achieve that perfectly cooked, tender, juicy and more flavourful taste every time!


We also made sure to design a large size charcoal basket with enough charcoal or briquettes capacity to keep you cooking for hours! Clean-up is also an absolute breeze thanks to the removeable ash-pan that catches any burnt-through charcoal.


Switch easily between smoking, grilling or both at the same time and get ready to hang lots of ribs, leg of lamb, chicken, pork belly, vegetables as well as the ability to grill & smoke seafood, steaks, pizza and so much more! Thanks to Hero Smoker & Grill's modular design, you can quickly switch between direct & indirect heat as you need to. It's truly the most versatile braai, smoker and pizza oven that you can own and will allow you to cook low & slow or hot & fast for years to come!


Everything you need to cook right out of the box is included so you can start to enjoy your Hero Smoker & Grill immediately and our range of optional accessories is there to further aid you in becoming a true smoking and braai master!


    • Large grill area as well as internal cooking chamber for hanging of meat and other food.

    • Heavy-gauge steel construction provides superior durability.

    • High heat resistant powder coated finish provides excellent rust and water resistance.

    • Great versatility so you can enjoy a traditional charcoal grill using the supplied stainless steel grate, hang food vertically or do both at the same time.

    • Easy mobility thanks to large ox-wagon wheels.
    • Large and safe to touch handles.

    • Side grids that can be used for food preparation as well as hanging of tools.

    • Large size charcoal / briquette basket holder that holds enough fuel for long hours of cooking.

    • Easy removable ash pan and other steel components to make clean-up very easy.

    • Unique heat and airflow control system with a sealed lid to allow for precise temparture adjustments

    • High quality temperature gauge.


    • Hero Smoker & Grill

    • Professional temperature gauge
    • 9 steel hooks

    • 3 food hanger rods
    • Hinged cooking grate

    • Heat diffuser / deflector

    • Charcoal basket

    • Ash pan

    • Lift out tool

    • Ox-wagon wheels

    • Handle bar & Side shelf

    • Welcome guide

    • Assembly guide

    • Model number: FS-HSG/CB
    • Physical dimensions: 93cm (H) x 60cm (W) , 43 KG

    • Cooking area size: 47cm

R8 999,00Price
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