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Stouff Ceramic Braai 3XL

Stouff Ceramic Braai 3XL

The Stouff is a versatile ceramic braai that you can use for braaing, searing, smoking, baking and as a pizza oven. The Stouff can even be used for long and slow-roasting using its rotisserie attachment.


It is a braai made entirely out of ceramic offering exceptional insulation that maintains heat unlike any other type of grill on the market.


Because of this great capacity to hold heat and smoke inside, this impact on the food’s flavour, which is nothing short of delicious!


    Grid Diameter: 61cm
    Width: 82cm
    Length: 105cm
    Height: 97cm (box only)
    106cm on pallet (incl. pallet height)


    • Stouff flexible cooking grids
    • Stouff ceramic chicken sitter
    • Ceramic pizza stone
    • Ceramic heat deflectors
    • Stouff rain cover
    • Pair of grid grippers
    • Ash tool
    • Heat gloves
R45 999,00Price
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