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The Sizzler Mobile Braai is a free-standing Gas Braai, capable of being wheeled around your Entertainment area when you have little available space for a built-In option.

You can also upgrade an existing Built-In Sizzler, by purchasing just the wheeled cabinet and retrofitting your sizzler on top.

The Sizzler Gas Braai associated with this Mobile Cabinet comes complete with Hot Rocks or Radiants, as well as a Stainless Steel lid for outdoor applications.

*For Indoor use please also see our Extractor Systems
*Only available in 4-Burner sizing at present


Stainless Steel Options

Our Braai products are available in Inland Grade for general corrosion-resistant applications and Coastal Grade for severely corrosive conditions and coastal applications.


Gas Type Options

Our products are available in LPG (standard) as well as Natural Gas options (custom)


Heat Dispersion Technology

Choose between Hot Rock beds or Stainless Steel Radiants (Flame-Tamers) as a means of distributing the heat in your braai.


Upgrade an Existing Sizzler

The Sizzler Mobile’s Wheeled Cabinet can be purchased separately, as a conversion/upgrade for an existing Sizzler.

    R7 600,00Price
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