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A first of its kind in South Africa, the Chad-O-Chef – Sizzler Hybrid has been designed as a modular upgrade for your existing Chad-O-Chef Sizzler 3-Burner gas braai. The removable Ember Baskets work with Gas, Wood, or Charcoal! This allows you to convert your new or existing Sizzler Gas Braai into a Hybrid braai and customize it with our extensive range of extras.

Get that one-of-a-kind bushveld flavour with any braai experience. Once fired up, the Sizzler’s Gas burners ignite wood and charcoal in the Sizzler Hybrid Braai in minutes, meaning you don’t have to wait as long before you can dig into that juicy steak.


*Only available in a 3&4-Burner option


Stainless Steel Grades

Our Braais are available in Inland Grade for general corrosion-resistant applications, and Coastal Grade for severely corrosive conditions and coastal applications


    Inland Grade, Coastal Grade

R4 800,00Price
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