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Sentinel 942 S

Sentinel 942 S

SKU: Sentinel 942 S

The Sentinel 942 S is a matt black, cast iron fireplace with a simplistic modern design and a curved lip below the door. This fireplace could be installed in a contemporary or traditional setting.


It’s the smallest version of the 942 Double Vent L.


It features primary and secondary air controls and a multifuel lever which shuffles a multifuel grate. It has a removable ash pan for an easy clean. The combustion chamber comfortably loads 25cm logs. There is an option of a top or rear flue exit. The door handle and the control levers are stainless steel.


    • Product specifications
    Weight 100 kg
    Dimensions (depth x width x height) 32 × 43 × 56 cm
    Output kW


    Heating Area

    42 m2

    Energy Source

    Multi fuel

    Flue Width

    125 mm

    Flue Configuration

    Top and Rear


    Cast iron



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