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Potjie Care Oil

Potjie Care Oil


Potjie Pot Oil. 


South African potjies have heart, history and a lot of soul. So many memories are made gathered around a fire with friends and family while the braai master cooks up a tasty pot.


Before your first cook in your pot, you need to prepare it correctly. This is in case there are any unappealing elements inside the pot that will affect the flavour of your meal.


It is important to clean and care for your pot correctly. If you care for your potjie well you should be able to have many years to practice and perfect your recipes – as well as developing a unique and rich flavour in your pot – which is what makes this local classic such an amazing addition to any outdoor cooking and braai!


Get your potjie ready for the next outdoor adventure with our Potjie Care Oil.

  • How to use the My Butchers Block Specialized Potji

    • Wash your potjie out thoroughly with boiling water and dry.
    • Coat the inside of your pot with the My Butchers Block Specialized Potjie Care Oil and heat until the pot begins to smoke.
    • When your potjie pot has cooled down, use a paper towel to wipe the inside clean. Repeat this step until your paper towel comes out looking clean.
  • After each use

    Rinse your potjie pot with warm water and use a brush or scraper to remove stuck-on bits. For stubborn stuck-on bits, scrub your pot with salt mixed with a bit of our care oil. Rinse your pot out and wipe clean. Dry the pan and coat with a thin layer of our oil. Cool your pot down and store until ready to cook again.

  • Storing your potjie

    After each use, wash your potjie pot and dry over a heat source to remove any excess moisture. Coat the inside with our potjie care oil, and store your pot with the lid off with absorbent paper inside.

    Specialized Potjie Care Oil. Non toxic, non-drying, made from high quality mineral oil. FDA Approved – Safe for human consumption. Specifically formulated to prevent rust build up and preserve the Potjie Pot until next use.

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