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Ottawa Marvic 550 / 700 Insert

Ottawa Marvic 550 / 700 Insert

SKU: Ottawa Marvic 550 Insert

The Ottawa Range is a carbon-neutral fireplace utilising advanced clean-burning technology and fuel-efficient design.


Hand-constructed from a thick steel plate and featuring a cast iron door, grate and log retainer, this is a stove that will stand the test of time while delivering warmth, comfort and enduring style.

All units in the range are multi-fuel stoves delivering a reliable source of heat with an accurate degree of control.


This stove is wonderfully hand-constructed and blends contemporary styling with modern efficiency. Clean lines make it suitable for a wide range of décor styles and tastes.


    Output: 8Kw

    Heating Capacity: 300m³

    Size: 482mm(h) x 570mm(w) x 344(d)
    With frame 571mm(h) x 639mm(w)

    Flue Outlet: 125mm pipe


    Output: 11Kw

    Heating Capacity: 420m³

    Size: 482mm(h) x 700mm(w) x 344(d)
    With frame 571mm(h) x 789mm(w)

    Flue Outlet: 125mm pipe


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