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FOCUS - VFGS 700 & 1000

FOCUS - VFGS 700 & 1000

The freestanding Focus fireplace brings the rustic impression of a traditional firebox into your living area, whilst utilising the heating performance of a modern flueless gas fireplace.


The Focus fireplace can be retrofitted against an open wall, reducing any untidy building work associated with installation.


Choose between manual or remote-controlled gas valve options to give you the freedom to relax and operate your Focus fireplace from the comfort of your sofa, focussing on the modest comforts life has to offer.


    Gas type - LPG or Nat.

    Operating pressure - 2,8 kPa

    Min. Regulator size - 2 kg/hr

    Gas consumption (Max.) - (VGS700) 0.64 kg/hr - (VFGS1000) 0.84 kg/hr

    mJ input (Max.) - (VGS700) 36 mJ/hr - (VFGS1000) 49 mJ/hr

    kW input (Max.) - (VGS700) 9 kW/hr- (VFGS1000) 13.6 kW/hr

    Gas inlet conn. -Ø8mm comp.

    Ignition - Piezo Spark

    Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) - min 18.5% O2

    Coals - 12

    Pebbles - 12

    Min. Room size - (VGS700) 97m3 - (VFGS1000) 107m3

    Max. Room size - (VGS700) 398m3 (108m2)- (VFGS1000) 544m3 (163m2)



R16 900,00Price
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