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Chef round casserole orange

Chef round casserole orange

SKU: LK160/010
  • Our range of Chef Enamel Cookware is designed in French tradition with colour enamel on the outside and white ivory enamel on the inside.
  • The Chef cookware is finished with steam dimples on the inside of the lids to promote condensation of steam on the lid to drip and self-baste food.
  • All lids are finished with a stainless steel oven proof knob.

    • Cast iron
    • Colour enamel outside
    • Ivory enamel inside
    • Ovenproof stainless steel knob
    • Steam dimples in the lid
    • Ideal for casseroles and stews
    • Can be used on open fire / warm coals, gas, stovetop or in oven
    • 2L Capacity

    Dimensions:  30.0 cm x 30.0 cm x 30.0 cm
    Weight: 4 kg
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