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The bio ethanol fire pit is the latest edition to our collection of bio ethanol burners. The burner is made from grade 304 stainless steel and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Included with the burner are two reducer plates that allow you to control the flame size. By reducing the flame you also reduce the fuel use. A 6 litre fuel tank ensures that you wont need to refuel while you entertain. The burning time varies from +- 8 hours on max setting to 14 hours on the low setting.


Extinguishing the bio ethanol fire pit is easy with the supplied tool and closing lid. No mess no fuss. The flame extinguishes immediately and the remaining fuel stays in the fuel tank for your next use. The shape of the burner repels moisture and rain. When used outdoors and with hard rain, some water may enter the burner. This is not a problem as you can add bio ethanol and burn the water off or simply remove the burner from the installed location and tip over to remove the water.


With the bio ethanol fire pit burner you can design your own iconic fire pit to enjoy special moments with family and friends. The fire pit does not emit any harmful emissions and is safe to use indoors. Why not create a fire pit inside your house? With a bio ethanol fire pit you can.


Perfect for hospitality industry where traditional gas and wood burning fire pits can not be used. The burner can also be used as a mobile installation into a smaller surround that can be moved around.

    R10 435,00Price
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