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Natural Beeswax Woodcare Conditioner 300ml

Natural Beeswax Woodcare Conditioner 300ml


The specialized Beeswax Woodcare Conditioner acts as an extra protective layer after oiling your wooden products. The thick layer protects the wood and creates a barrier against unwanted moisture and to fill cracks from damage and use.


The Beeswax Conditioner contains 100% natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and proudly made in South Africa.


Comes in a 300ml bottle

  • Application:

    To get the best results for application, put the bottle of conditioner in hot water for about 5 minutes to get the beeswax to melt. During the cooler months, the Beeswax tends to solidify and this step will be necessary.

    Using a soft cloth, apply My Butchers Block Beeswax Wood Conditioner in the direction of the grain, to your clean cutting board or any untreated wooden products. Leave until the conditioner is absorbed into the wood, afterwards wipe off any excess conditioner making sure the finish is smooth. Repeat the above process as regularly as possible to increase the lifetime of the wood.


  • Is it necessary?

    Beeswax conditioner is an extra benefit of sealing the pores of the wood. Wood is still a living organism and reacts to its environment.

     Beeswax conditioner will seal the My Butchers Block Mineral oil in the wood, and protect the board from cracking or warping and bacteria.

    How to apply My Butchers Block Beeswax conditioner?

    A little goes a long way!

     1. Wax on

     Rub the My Butchers Block Beeswax Woodcare Conditioner into the board with a soft, lint-free cloth or soft paper towel. Allow the wax to sit on the board for 5 min or longer. (Some have suggested leaving the wax on until the next use.)

     2. Wax off

     Once the wax has soaked into the board, buff it with a soft cloth.

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